Solutions in Stone

South Florida Commercial Stone or Brick Veneer Masons

Solutions in Stone is one of the leading Stone Masonry contractors in Florida with medium to large projects all over the state and reliable crews ready to go. We are licensed & insured, and we put value in safety, efficiency, and competitiveness..

Since 1998 Solutions in Stone is competitive, Licensed, Insured & reliable

Solutions in Stone is a brand you can count on to meet your stone veneer and brick veneer needs. Our crews work all over the state of Florida, with some projects priced in the Millions. Our dedicated and experienced team is ready to estimate any size job, and provide references upon request. We are fully licensed and insuranced, with additional insurances available upon request.
Years in the Masonry Industry

Since 1998, we have been a leading subcontractor dedicated to building a trustworthy and reliable name in the industry. 

Stone & Brick Veneer Options

Solutions in Stone has years of experience installing brick and stone veneer for small to large commercial projects & residential projects in the state of Florida

Home or Business Exterior

When you add stone or brick veneer to your homes or businesses exterior, it creates the aesthetically appealing design that is highly sought after in the industry. 


Adding stone or brick veneer to a fireplace is a creative way to accent any room in which the fireplace is located.  Many homeowners add value to their home with stone veneer accents.

Commercial Projects

Stone & Brick veneer is more affordable, durable and appealing to commercial projects. Solutions in Stone has been subcontracting all over South Florida since 1998, with small to large projects.


Outdoor spaces liven up with stone or brick veneer accents. Add stone or brick veneer to an outdoor kitchen, mailbox, or hardscape to increase your homes value and appeal.


Adding stone or brick veneer to interior walls creates a highly sophisticated look that increases your homes value and constructs a touch of elegance to any room.


Stone & Brick veneer is a beautiful way to make a community entryway or even a home driveway look really elegant and inviting.

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